Why your floor could play a major part in selling your home

Selling a house is a stressful experience. There’s always a risk that your views on interior style may not chime with those of potential buyers. For advice on any changes that you think you may need to make you should speak to your Estate Agents Gloucester company before embarking on any large or expensive work.  Fortunately, there are some features that will always make an impression and help boost your chances of making a quick sale.

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The housing market is looking somewhat uncertain at the moment, with prices up but sales numbers still lower than last year. If you’re looking to sell, therefore, it’s important to make the most of your home’s features. This means making sure that it’s clean, tidy and in good decorative order. A few pounds spent on the paint can make a big difference in how well your property sells.

Major features

What many people look for in a home is a feeling of space. While you can’t do much about the actual size of your rooms, you can add a spacious feel by your choice of décor. Light colors make a room seem larger and even the way your solid wood flooring is laid can make a difference, by emphasizing the longest dimension. It’s also vital to keep things tidy, as a cluttered room will always seem smaller.

Kitchens and bathrooms always make an impression on buyers. However, this is more about things like the amount of storage and the layout than the actual fixtures and fittings. If you’re selling your house, just make sure these rooms are clean and tidy, with minimal clutter. Most buyers will probably be thinking about making their own changes at some point anyway.

Making an impression

Some things make a big impression when you walk into a home, and one of these is flooring. Wood flooring is something that always impresses potential buyers, especially if it flows from room to room. It also has the advantage that it’s easy to maintain and will stay looking good for a long time, so buyers know it’s something they won’t need to replace.

Even if you’re not planning on selling right now, it’s always best to view any decoration or home improvement jobs in terms of how they will be viewed when you do come to sell your home. Choosing quality, timeless features like wood floors will not only help you enjoy your home today but will prove a sound investment when you do come to sell.