Simple Tips to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Few things are as exasperating as suddenly discovering that you have a plumbing problem. Apart from the expenses involved, the time needed for repairs likely will inconvenience you, effectively throwing a monkey wrench into your plans for the day.

To avoid this problem, here are 5 simple Prevent Plumbing Problems

  • Watch what you pour into the drain

“One of the most common problems people experience,” says Frank, “is clogged up drains. That the drain is meant to move the waste from the house doesn’t mean you can dispose of anything you want this way. There are certain things that will only clog up your drains, rather than being flushed out. For instance, cooking grease and oils should not be poured down the sink; as the grease cools down, it hardens and ends up clogging the drain.” While this might not exactly be life-threatening, clearing your clogged drain can prove to be an expensive or time-wasting repair you can do without. A better idea is to pour excess or waste grease into empty milk cartons and duly dispose of it as regular garbage.

  • Don’t use chemicals to clear clogged drains

Many people use chemicals to quickly clear clogged drains. However, this practice is harmful to your health and that of your plumbing system. These cleaning chemicals contain agents that can cause irritation of the skin, as well as giving off harmful fumes. They can also corrode the pipes of your drains and cause leaks, which will result in expensive repairs. A more effective approach is the popular vinegar and baking powder method for clearing clogged drains. Do this once a month and you’ll be effectively Prevent Plumbing Problems.

  • Clean your toilet tank

“Ensure to keep your toilet tank Clean. Many people overlook their toilet tank when performing routine cleaning. Mold, mildew, bacteria, and sediment accumulate inside the toilet tank over time. If these are not cleaned out, they will be feeding directly into your toilet during flushing, which can make it difficult to keep your toilet clean”, says Frank. So, every once in a while, mix about a quarter cup of vinegar and one cup of clean water and use the mixture to scrub the toilet tank. This will keep it nice and clean.

  • Keep the number of a plumber close by

Just like the doctor and Cable TV man, a plumber is also someone whose number you should always have to hand. This way, you can quickly reach them to resolve any plumbing issue that looks like it could get out of hand.

  • Know where the main shutoff valve is

Frank concluded, “Always know the location of the main shutoff valve as this can save you a lot in repairs from water damage. No matter how complex the plumbing system of your home, it will feature one main shutoff valve. In the event you have major leakages in your plumbing pipes, you can quickly shut down the flow of water from the main shutoff valve to prevent more damage to your property.”

Yes, plumbing problems are inevitable, but following the above tips will go a long way in reducing them.