Rooms looking good in grey?

Decorating your home with neutral colors creates a practically blank canvas, versatile enough to personalize with accessories from a bolder palette and less at risk of becoming tired or old fashioned too soon. If the thought of cream or magnolia makes you cringe, all is not lost. There is an often-overlooked color that can easily deliver that vital combination of style and practicality – grey.

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There is more too grey than the sludgy images that first spring to mind. Like any home design concept, there are ways to make it really shine in your space.

Choose the right shade and finish

If boring old white had hundreds of different shades, why shouldn’t grey? From cold battleship to ethereal almost silver, taking the time to choose something suitable for your space is crucial. For walls, stay well away from anything with a glossy finish unless you like the filing cabinet look.

Define detail

Stay on theme with grey laminate flooring. This creates contrast with a soft neutral color such as white or cream for skirtings and frames.

Keep it light

Add a good selection of different types of lighting, at different angles and levels, to keep things warm and soft. Lighting can really make a difference to a room and can either relax you or give you a headache.  It can also highlight areas of your home you want people to see or avoid.

Look at the design of the room you are placing it in and consider whether the radiator should be horizontal or vertical.  I always think it’s worth looking through a catalog and price list so you can get a scope of what your options are and then even contact the company you go with to get some ideas.

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Accessorise with color

Red, yellow, blue and green are all good accent colors, either for dramatic contrast or to add a splash of brightness; meanwhile, a feature wall is important for avoiding the ‘stark and harsh’ dilemma.  You can even get accessories like column radiators in these colors from websites like

The great thing about this kind of addition to your home is it looks great and also keeps you warm in the great British winter. If you are not sure what would suit your home it’s always worth checking out specialist sites to ask their opinion on this matter.