Busted: 10 home maintenance and DIY myths

We’ve all heard these age-old myths about energy efficiency and household maintenance, but are they true?

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1. The best time to water grass is in the evening

Another myth. Water your garden first thing and your lawn and plants will absorb all the water they need before the sun evaporates the rest, keeping your garden disease free.

2. You must remove asbestos from the home

If the asbestos fibers have been disturbed then the asbestos must be removed. Otherwise, it can remain where it is, though check regularly for signs of wear.

3. Copper nails kill trees

Completely false. In fact, trees have been known to grow around copper nails and carry on as normal!

4. Leaving the heating on low all day is more efficient

Definitely not true. Because your home isn’t airtight, you’re wasting energy heating it when you’re not around. A Gloucester Boiler Service company such as http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/ can help you with legitimate ways in which you can conserve the energy being used by your boiler and heat distributed into your home.

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5. Conkers keep spiders away

There’s absolutely no proof that this is true. However, they are proved to keep moths away so tuck a few in your wardrobe to protect your clothes.

6. Painting radiators makes them more efficient

Because radiators work through convection, painting them may actually make them more inefficient. If you do need to paint them in order to maintain them you should ensure that you are using approved radiator paint.

7. Bleach eliminates mold

It’s true that bleach will clean up the signs of mold, but it won’t tackle the spores which can be extremely bad for your health. To kill those you’ll need to thoroughly scrub your bathroom and kitchen with detergent.

8. Turning your electronics on and off wastes energy

No, switching your computer on and off does not create a power surge that will kill your hard drive. In fact, simply leaving your appliances and devices in standby mode can be a real energy hog.

9. Solar panels only generate electricity when it’s sunny

Not true! Solar panels might generate more electricity on a sunny day, but they’re still effective when the sky is cloudy thanks to the way they continue to absorb energy.

10. Coffee grounds unblock sinks

Definitely not. In fact, plumbers say the thick mass of coffee grounds are like pouring cement down the waste pipe and cause blockages.