Six ways to style a white dress

Beach clubs all over the world are busy preparing for their opening parties. The world famous ‘White Parties’ are definitely the place to be seen this summer.

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Here are six ways to style a white maxi dress that will make sure you stand out from the crowd:

1. Jewelry

A white dress can give off a simpler vibe so if you’re looking to make your outfit pop, opt for a colorful and bold statement necklace that will really stand out against a white background. Chandelier earrings have an elegant appeal and can be matched with a bangle or two to complete the look.

2. Shoes and Bag

Make sure you have a clutch that will stand out when held against your white dress; opt for a bold pink or on-trend green to really get that perfect look. Choose a high heeled shoe in a bold color which will complement the bag.

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3. Scarf

A great way to accessorize a white dress is a colorful scarf; you can tie it to your bag while the sun is still shining and later if it’s a little chilly, hang it loosely around your shoulders.

4. Hair and Make-up

If it’s a beach party you’re heading to, like the ones held here loose beach waves are the way to go. For the perfect boho look, choose a few discreet braids or a stunning waterfall plait. Bold eye make-up is a great choice; emerald eyes and red lips are the catwalk trends of the summer.

5. Undergarments

If you’re lucky enough to be going to a strictly white only party, the white maxi dress is the perfect option. Choose a style with a thigh split to show off that sun tan you’ve been working on. There are some great examples like this white maxi dress at AX Paris.

Nude colors are the choice to make if you want your underwear to go completely unnoticed. For daytime beachwear, you may wish to opt for a pastel-colored bikini under a sheer white fabric dress.

6. Belt

Not only will a belt break up the white if that’s the look you’re going for, but it will also give you a flattering shape. Metallics are the perfect choice to add a touch of glamour to your dress.