How to Shampoo Your Hair Like a Pro

Having your hair washed in a salon is relaxing and energizing, but how can you achieve the same at home?

It’s important to wash your hair correctly. This is a sensitive part of our bodies and needs proper care and treatment. We’re not only washing our hair but also our scalps, so it’s important that we know what scalp and hair type we have.


When washing your hair you need to start at the hairline, round to the temples, and then down to the nape of the neck. Make sure the hair is totally wet and use enough products to get a creamy lather over the whole head. Work your fingers in a figure of eight, massaging the shampoo using pressure from your fingertips. Rinse the hair and repeat the process, removing all the dirt and product build-up from your scalp. Rinse a second time and apply your conditioner. Don’t apply to the roots as this will clog up your pores, just apply mid-length to the ends of your hair, and then thoroughly rinse.


When buying shampoo, make sure you buy the correct product for your hair type.
Sensitive hair needs a mild shampoo that is designed to maintain your pH levels, thus preventing dryness and irritation. You need to avoid shampoos containing moisturizers for greasy hair, and look out for increased volume and strengthening on the label. Dry hair needs a detergent-free shampoo. Protein shampoo will help keep moisture levels up, which is ideal for this hair type.

If you suffer from dandruff you will need a shampoo with antifungal and antibacterial properties to help reduce the problem. Shampoo that contains Nizoral can help control the problem. For hair loss treatment, you need a shampoo that contains minerals, essential oils, and vitamins, and is free of any chemicals. If you have split ends try using a hydrating shampoo that contains panthenol, as this will penetrate the hair follicles and improve their moisture content.

Always use the correct shampoo for your hair type because the wrong shampoo can cause irritation or worsen problems you may already have. Try not to use shampoos that contain alcohol or silicon, as these can strip away your hair’s natural oils. Always read the labels and buy wisely, not cheaply.