The staycation is the new vacation!

This summer chooses something more original than a package holiday and gets to know the Britain of Enid Blyton and the Famous Five, of fish and chips and Victorian piers, of green hills and woodlands…

Camping can be spectacular fun but with Britain’s famously temperamental summer weather it can also be a rather soggy experience. So if you want to get out and about, have you ever considered VW Campers for sale? They’re as cute as kittens and raise smiles from passers-by wherever you go.

This green and pleasant land

There’s so much you can do in a camper van – it’s not all hippy surfers gathering at Cornish beaches. These days it’s young families getting away for the weekend and exploring the British countryside. The beauty of the camper is not in its long reach or its exoticism, it’s in discovering the local, the hidden gems of Britain dotted all around the country which you would otherwise never know existed.

Leave the rat race behind, even if just for a few days and explore Surrey in a VW Camper – or Wales, or the Lake District, or Norfolk. That’s just the point – you’ve got the mobility to go anywhere you fancy, in comfort and considerable retro style.

Lashings and lashings of ginger beer

Of course, you could just load up the Mondeo, but where’s the artistry in that? The camper van has been fulfilling dreams since 1950 and has become a collector’s item. It is not a car or a caravan, it’s a lifestyle. Eat when you like, wear sandals, have an experience. It’s freedom, and it’s cool. It’s also really easy. You can buy camper vans already restored or take on a project and make what you want of it. Apart from looking good, the essential benefit of a camper van over a tent is a comfort. You can still take part in all the traditional activities that make camping so much fun for kids – research shows that a camping holiday at least once a year results in healthier and happier kids – but you’ll be warmer and drier while doing it.

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And by the way, according to the same research, kids say their parent’s hug and hold hands more during a camping holiday…