How to get a dancer’s body

A lot of people want to get a dancer’s body, but how can that concept be defined? Conventionally, a ‘dancer’s body’ is defined as lean and toned and is more often associated with slimmer frames. While dancers are usually portrayed as having slim and gracious figures, that’s not an absolute requirement for having a dancer’s body. There are physical attributes that are much more essential for getting this kind of body type.

Endurance and strength

Dancing is not usually seen as a very physically demanding type of exercise and is not generally considered a sport, although it’s health benefits are significant. Dancing, however, is an athletic activity because any type of dance requires flexibility, muscular strength, balance, and a lot of stamina. This is more evident in the case of Irish dancers, for example. Performing the Irish dance requires incredible amounts of stamina and a lot of strength in the core and legs. Otherwise, how would Irish dancers be able to gracefully move their Irish dance shoes in such an incredibly skillful and jaw-dropping way?  It is also evident in the case of ballet. Just imagine a ballet dance performance that lasts for several hours in which the dancer has to maintain the same level of energy and precision throughout.  However, ballroom dances such as tango, foxtrot, waltz require just as much core strength as any other type of dances. In fact, core strength is the most important thing for maintaining your posture and body alignment and it is an essential criterion for performing any kind of dance move appropriately.

Exercises for strengthening your muscles

So, what are the best exercises for strengthening your arm, leg, and core muscles? Pilates is a very good option. It is excellent for sculpting and toning your muscles and for improving your body posture. Another classic option is Zumba. Zumba exercises are great because they provide you with a full-body workout, and so it will tone your muscles and increase endurance. You can also go for a step aerobics exercise. The upbeat and energetic tempo will get your heart pumping and will train your muscles. Swimming is also great for toning and strengthening your core muscles. If you want more specific types of exercises, try doing planks, especially the rotating plank. It is a great exercise for training your upper body. You can also incorporate arabesque into your routine if you want strong and toned core muscles. In order to improve flexibility and endurance, try floor barre exercises. These exercises will also greatly help with postural alignment. Also, don’t forget about bench presses, pushups, and rowing if you want to properly train your upper body. These exercises, alongside a healthy diet, will give you the much desired ‘dancer’s body’.