Benefits and Risks of Volunteering for a Clinical Trial

Before taking part in Paid Clinical Trials such as those offered by trials 4 us, it is important to make yourself aware of the associated advantages and disadvantages. It is advised by clinical trial teams that each volunteer first speak to their doctor before making any final decisions. Your GP will be able to advise and guide you along the right track towards finding the best option for your specific needs and requirements.

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Clinical Trial Benefits

  • One of the main advantages of participating in a clinical trial is the fact that you could be one of the first people to benefit from an effective new medical treatment.
  • Clinical trials allow volunteers to discover whether or not the new treatment is better in terms of effectiveness than another type of treatment currently available.
  • You will be able to access more detailed information regarding the various treatments related to your illness. In addition to this, you will also be receiving the best standard of healthcare.
  • Clinical trial participants will be in the presence of expert health professionals and will be monitored along the way.
  • As a volunteer, you will be able to benefit from professional aftercare after the trial has ended.
  • Participants can receive plenty of expert advice, guidance, care, and support from the clinical trial team.

Clinical Trial Drawbacks

  • According to Cancer Research, one of the main drawbacks of volunteering for a clinical trial that it could possibly cause you harm. Since it is an experimental treatment, there is really no telling what could happen.
  • New treatments are likely to come with possible side effects. The uncertainty surrounding these side effects is one of the most troubling disadvantages of clinical trial participation.
  • Depending on your distance from the trial site, you may have to increase you’re spent on fuel and transport costs.
  • Additional check-ups may be required which can be a bit irritating for many participants, while others may find an increased degree of stress and anxiety.
  • There is a possibility that it will all be for nothing in the sense that the new treatment may not be any more effective than the standard treatment course.
  • Participating in a clinical trial can be very time consuming, depending on the trial itself you could find yourself engaged for a lot longer than you would have perhaps liked. Thankfully, you are always given the opportunity to leave the trial at any stage of the research process.