Ensuring safe transportation with corrugated cardboard protection

When it comes to packaging materials used to ensure the safe transportation of goods, manufacturers are always on the lookout for a cost-effective, efficient solution. Corrugated cardboard has become an increasingly popular option, as it’s cheaper than plastic and it’s more environmentally friendly. Same Day Courier Slough companies will often find themselves delivering parcels that contain some element of corrugated cardboard as a packing material.

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Corrugated cardboard can be used to package a vast number of items and is used extensively in the fruit and vegetable transportation process. It can be molded with ease, and it provides protection against bumps and bashes as well as helping to keep food items fresh for the journey.

A Versatile Packaging Material

Whilst some food sold in recycled boxes has proven to be dangerous, there are no such concerns when packaging produce in corrugated cardboard. The cardboard’s multiple layers provide the perfect cushion, and produce can be packed in it tightly and transported safely.

Often corrugated cardboard is made into trays, and these can be stacked on top of each other to make transportation simpler. By creating a packaging system that’s robust and offers protection, produce and products can be transported with ease. Used pallet racking can also be used for stacking corrugated cardboard produce, especially if the products are somewhat heavier and could cause trays to bend or fold.

Pallet racking can be used to transport goods and you can find these available in new and used.  Trays with reinforced corners can also alleviate this problem, and DS Smith one of Europe largest corrugated cardboard manufacturers, has recently been granted a patent for a product that features this type of support.

Innovative and Environmentally Friendly

There is a lot of focus on going green, saving the environment and utilizing packaging that can be re-used or recycled. Corrugated cardboard meets these criteria, as it can be re-used if the supplier is still part of the transport chain, or it can be recycled by those on the receiving end.

With innovations such as reinforced corners and various shapes of packaging being manufactured using this material, there is minimal wastage. This makes corrugated cardboard a more environmentally friendly option and helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint. As packaging is an integral part of any shipping or transportation process, there’s sure to be more of a focus on looking at alternative solutions that allow for products and goods to be transported safely.