Could you be a soldier?

Have you ever dreamed of joining the army or wished that you had when you were younger? It’s an incredibly unique, exciting and rewarding career, taking you across the world and learning skills you would otherwise have never had the opportunity to learn. If you’re considering the army, here are just some of the attributes you’ll need:

You’ll need to be physically fit and have a certain level of endurance. Ideally, you’ll be able to concentrate well and demonstrate fast and accurate reaction times. Applicants are also tested on their ability to listen, follow instructions and work well in a team environment.

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Other important attributes include the ability to remain patient, calm and collected during stressful situations. It’s also important to know how to accept criticism, perform under pressure and always retain excellent attention to detail. A certain level of computer literacy is also important in today’s digital world, as is carrying out tasks on a hand-held device.

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To join the British army, certain requirements must be met, and these include:

Being able to meet the nationality and residency requirements

Passing the fitness test

Passing a thorough medical assessment

Clearing security checks and enhanced background checks

An average day in the army varies greatly depending on your role. The many varied roles that make up the army include:

Combat roles such as aviation crew or infantry soldier

Support roles such as finance, administration, HR or military police officer

Engineering positions including vehicle mechanic or aircraft technician

Intelligence roles, like communications, IT, intelligence operator or systems engineer

Logistics including chef or supply specialist

Medical such as healthcare officer or veterinarian

Anyone joining the army should expect to have a range of working environments which could include working on a military base one day and then a warzone. The work can be both emotionally and physically demanding, in all environments and any weather conditions!

You’ll normally be expected to wear a uniform or even specialist protective clothing for your role.

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Career progression

On joining the army, servicemen and women are expected to serve for a minimum of four years. After this period, you can leave at any time but must provide 12 months’ notice or extend your service contract.

The army is a fantastic place to receive world-class training and education, allowing you opportunities to climb the ranks, specialise or learn a skill for life after being in the armed forces.