4 Fitness Apps That Work 2022

Getting fit is hard: whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass. App stores are filled to the brim with workout routines and strict (yet often dubious) diets, and it can be hard to know which one’s work and which ones are simply bogus.

Luckily for you, we’ve done that research on your behalf, and we’re ready to present you with the top 4 workout apps that actually work in 2022.

Best For Community: Strava

Strava is a community-based app that allows runners and cyclists to track their routes and share them across social media as well as on the platform itself. Once top times are recorded along certain sections, they’ll appear on the map. This allows you to feel like you’re a part of a larger community and can help you find workout buddies and even long-term friends.

It tracks distance, elevation, acceleration, and many other factors with pinpoint accuracy, providing you with all the information you need to analyze your progress.

Best For Live Workouts: OpenFIt

OpenFit is a platform for those who really benefit from live workout classes but can’t take the time to go to the gym. The platform currently boasts over 200 classes available per week with a lively community and options that allow your trainer to give you feedback through your webcam.

As with Strava, OpenFit provides its users with a sense of community and encouragement that’ll help you keep on top of your goals. The trainers are engaging and supportive and doing live classes gives users a sense of accountability.

Best For Cyclists: Peloton

During the pandemic, many cyclists turned to at-home cycling setups to stay in shape. This trend pushed Peloton’s users through the roof, with friends and fellow cycling enthusiasts from all around the world joining the fun. The great part is you don’t even need a bike to participate!

The app offers a range of classes, boot camps, and routines that cater to cyclists, runners, and fitness enthusiasts across a full spectrum of activities. While Peloton might not be the first choice for someone who doesn’t cycle, it’s great for couples who want to share one app and connect with their workout buddies.

Best For Weight Loss: 8fit

 If your aim is to lose that winter weight, look no further than 8fit, a diet and workout planner that adjusts to your specific needs and requirements. If you’re a busy body, you can adjust your exercises down to just 3 five-minute sessions of intense working out that’ll see both your physical and mental health improvements in no time.

The paid version offers further adjustability as well as shopping lists, meal plans, and other organizational tools that’ll help you conquer those fitness goals.

Thanks to technology, just like Lucky Creek Casino bonus codes, staying fit, healthy, and motivated can be a few taps away. These apps can not only improve your physical wellbeing but can also introduce you to friends who share your passion and commitment to self-improvement. Choose to start today!