Five Things You Can Do to Speed Up the Conveyancing Process

There’s a common question that most conveyancers will be asked when they start the process: how long is it going to take? Depending on the conveyancer you are speaking with, for a straightforward process it takes around 6-8 weeks and 8-12 weeks if it is a bit more complicated. Situations, where the process may take a little longer, could be because the property is a leasehold, as these types of properties involve agents and landlords.

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The process can also take longer depending on how many different parties are involved. Ask your selling agent how many people there are in the chain to try and plan for delays and complications. Here are five things you can do to speed up the conveyancing process.

Get the Documentation in Order

Have all of your paperwork ready to go. Anything that is related to the property such as electrical and gas safety checks needs to be accounted for in your documentation. Every piece of documentation that has anything to do with the house or maintenance should be provided to get the process running smoothly.

Seek Out an Expert

You should always try to use an expert so you can get specialist advice on conveyancing. There are multiple conveyancing solicitors in London, such as, who have a better understanding of the market in the local area.

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Ask Lots of Questions

Anything you’re not sure about, ask! Your guide will help you through the process, and you don’t want to be unsure of anything at any time. A conveyancing solicitor is there to help you through, so write down any specific inquiries and ask your conveyancer as soon as possible to set your mind at ease.

Return Your Paperwork

Get your paperwork done and returned promptly to get the process moving a little bit faster. A conveyancer won’t be able to get the legal process moving until you return all of the necessary paperwork to them, so the sooner you get it done the better.

Keep in Contact

The more you communicate with the conveyancer and the estate agent, the better it will be. If you are planning on being away for any periods of time during the process, then let them both know so they can keep things moving in your absence.