Crucial Packing Tips For Horse Shows

The horse show is a hunt type of show that includes show jumping, eventing, and dressage. This show is a way to exhibit the horses based on their demonstration, roundabout, and courteousness of the horse and the leadership and command of the horseman in the field.

Being a track show might be dangerous at times, therefore, one should always be cautious about the things that must be added to the list to take care of depending on the show type. Let’s check out the listing below.

Important Documents: One needs to carry the important documents that include proof of negative Coggins (the horse is not infected with Equine Infectious Anemia) along with other necessary health papers and permits as per the documents required by the show management.

Registration papers of the horse’s eligibility if one is entering a breed show and the membership papers depending on the show sponsorship by various organizations.

Emergency Kit/ First Aid Kit: With the concern for the horse not getting injured, it is vital to keep the first aid kit to treat everything from a slight cut to a torrid horse.

The first aid kit box list includes disinfectant, self-sticking bandages, gauze pads, lubricating jelly, a rectal veterinary thermometer, a stethoscope, a cold pack, and medical adhesive tape.

Stable rugs are also important as it keeps the horse warm. They are not water-resistant, but the fabric is breathable and is required when the temperature is 5-10 degrees Celsius.

Dressing Kit: As the show is all about admiring the horse and its ability, it is necessary to groom up the horse every time it enters the field or ring.

Items such as curry comb, rub rags, stiff brushes and soft body brushes, braiding kit, hoof pick and hoof polish, and insect repellent spray that need to be packed.

Horse Tack: Tack is the equipment that is required while riding a horse. It is basically like an outfit for the horse.

Items such as saddle for the rider to sit, saddle pad to maintain the balance of the saddle, bit, bridle and reins to control the horse, spare stirrup to give support to the rider’s feet, boots to protect the lower leg of the horse, and halter to lead the horse are tacking essentials.

Riders’ Equipment: Equipment for the riders is also a great part of the horse show. Being the rider, it is important to carry the “ready to go look.”

The items required are boots to keep the feet all protected and provide support to the ankles and legs while maintaining the right grip, riding jacket, hand gloves, belt and buckle, helmet or hat as per the show, sewing kit including spare buttons and safety pins.